solar, wind and storage solutions

Proven Leaders in Renewable Energy

We are a Pan-Asia renewable energy company taking tangible action to do our part in moving Asia to 100% renewable energy

Who We Are

Our principals have been active in Asia’s energy sector for decades.

We are Developers, Owners, and Operators/Asset Managers who deploy solar, wind and storage solutions at scale to do our part in ensuring Asian lifestyles are powered with clean, green energy. 

Headquartered in Singapore, our ambition is to build enough solar, wind and storage to power 10 million homes.

We are committed to ensuring that our projects meet the highest social, environmental and governance criteria wherever we operate.

What We Do

Renewable Energy


Asia is blessed with excellent solar radiation, a largely underutilised source of clean, carbon free energy. Gurīn Energy works closely with local communities to ensure that projects are developed in harmony with their surroundings.


Robust design and engineering is essential to allow this abundant natural, emission free source of energy to be harnessed safely and efficiently. As with solar projects, a strong, stable grid connection is essential to deliver the power from these elegant turbines to local households and businesses.


We still need electricity at night and when the wind drops. Storage facilities use batteries and other technologies to provide power during the periods of low natural resources, as well as to strengthen the reliability and stability of transmission and distribution grids.

Renewable Technology Solutions

Gurīn Energy combines solar and wind generation technologies with other technological products and services in innovative ways to monitor, manage and optimise the use of renewable energy for residential, commercial and industrial users.

Renewable Energy

Utilising  abundant and naturally emission-free energy resources from the sun and the wind in the most efficient way is a key lever in the struggle to manage the climate change crisis. 

Technology Solutions

Matching the supply of emission-free renewable energy with demand, providing reliable and affordable low carbon power, requires innovative use of technology. 

Our Expertise

Leadership Team

Assaad W. Razzouk


Robert E. (Bob) Driscoll


Michael F. G. Boardman


Our Ambition

To build enough solar, wind and storage to power 10 million homes.

Our Work Worldwide

News From The Energy World

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